Sink your Teeth into March Madness

March Madness Fun Facts :

The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808

Only eight teams competed in the first NCAA tournament.

Only once have all four #1 seeds made the final four.

UCLA has won the tournament a record 11 times.

women-march-madnessLady Vols have been to the Big Dance every year since the women’s tournament was introduced in 1982.

Many schools refused to allow blacks on teams until after Texas Western became the first team with an all-black starting lineup to win the tournament in 1966. They beat Kentucky, an all-white squad.

The tournament record for most points in a game has stood over 40 years.In 1970, Notre Dame shooting guard Austin Carr scored 61 points in a first-round win over Ohio.

The winning school wins the actual court.  Wood is auctioned off to fans.

A No. 16 seed has never beaten a No. 1 seed.  A No. 11 is the lowest seed ever to make the Final Four.

Northwestern is an anomaly among “power six” schools because it has never made it to the NCAA tournament.  Update:  this is no longer true!  In 2017, Northwestern FINALLY made it to the tourney.  Great job team that wears purple (sorry, but nobody knows what their team is called).

If you’re a March Madness junkie – then you’ll love reading about this tournament.

When you plop your seat on the couch - have this handy (teeth friendly) snack on hand:

frozen banana penguins recipe

Chocolate -- we prefer Haitian chocolate from Singing Rooster!  (cho chips work great too)
Apricots - cut into triangles for beaks and feet
mini-Marshmallows (cut in half) or M&Ms (eyes)

microwave bowl of chocolate chips or pieces of chocolate bars for 30 seconds
nuke for another 30 seconds
While chocolate is melting, peel then cut bananas in half
dip top in chocolate to make penguin's head
while chocolate is still warm - add mini-marshmallows or M&M's to mimic eyes
add apricot wedge to represent beak
Next, dip bottom into melted chocolate
Add 2 mini-apricot wedges as feet
Place on tin foil while you finish all penguins
Place in freezer for 20 to 30 minutes

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