Most people brush their teeth wrong

Most people brush their teeth wrong.

Brushing vigorously back and forth is a no-no. Going along your teeth, left to right does little to dislodge debris or remove bacteria.

Instead, think less about "brushing" and more about "massaging".

Moving your soft-bristled brush in little circular motions along the gum line is what you should do, here's how:

Piper Dental is Madison's Best Little Dental practice (near Hilldale Mall / Shorewood Hills).  We strive to teach you how to care for your teeth -- the gateway to good health.

By brushing your teeth properly, you'll lesson the likelihood of gum disease or cavities.

Contact us if you'd like to set up an appointment to check your teeth.  We're here to help:

Dr. Jean Piper's Dental office is located at the intersection of Midvale and Regent Street: close to Hilldale / Shorewood Hills -- also serving the Monroe St. Neighborhood

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