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Most people brush their teeth wrong

Most people brush their teeth wrong. Brushing vigorously back and forth is a no-no. Going along your teeth, left to right does little to dislodge debris or remove bacteria. Instead, think less about "brushing" and more about "massaging". Moving your soft-bristled brush in little circular motions along the gum line is what you should do,…
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Recipes & Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Recipes and Snacks for Healthy Teeth Know how long it takes to practice a new habbit before it becomes, well, habitual?  60 days.  That's where friends, family & post it notes become handy.  Stock the fridge with nutritious ingredients & you're half way there. Remind yourself that eating healthy isn't just good for your physique…
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A Bright Smile is Your Best Feature: Teeth Whitening Advice, Madison WI

A healthy smile is consistently voted the most important feature of beauty (and for what it's worth, a healthy smile is a good indicator you're healthy in other ways).  Piper Dental summarizes why a good smile is your best asset and offers ways you (and your favorite Madison Wisconsin dentist) can help maintain a bright,…
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